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We”, “us” and “our” refer to Am accountex ltd. Am accountex ltd. is registered in England and Wales. Our company number is ….. and registered office is 46 jersey road, PO27PY, Portsmouth


These terms and conditions supersede any previous terms and conditions and are in force from 19th Nov-18


The website www.amaccountex.co.uk is operated by us.


We are VAT registered and our VAT number is


Following our initial discussion and before commencing any work, we will send you an Agreement including fees and payment terms, the (“Agreement”). Once you have agreed to the terms of the Agreement, we will be formally appointed as your accountants, acting on your behalf.


To speak to and deal directly with HM Revenue & Customs in any way, you will need to give us necessary consent as required by them, and any necessary information required.


The fees and payment terms in the Agreement cover all the services we agree to provide within the Agreement, which shall be stated within the Agreement.

ditions supersede any previous terms and conditions and are in force from 19th Nov-18


If the Agreement is based on a 12 month payment plan, the fee structure and fees part of the Agreement may take into account at which point in the 12 months specific work is required – for example annual accounts. This may also take into account the need to catch up, for example if you use our services partway through your company financial year and records need to be created for the previous months in addition to ongoing work. All proposed fees would be explained and agreed with you from the outset.


Any additional services requested would form part of an additional agreement and fees and payment terms would be confirmed separately in this additional agreement.


We reserve the right at our sole discretion to terminate or change the terms of the Agreement including the fees, if the information provided by you on which a fee, fee structure, or payment terms were offered and accepted is found to be inaccurate and misleading, or significant changes take place in your business – for example change of legal status, change of number of employees, significant change in turnover and transactions. This list is not exhaustive and we would discuss any proposed changes with you beforehand.


If you decide to terminate any agreement with us including the Agreement, you must give us a 30 days’ notice and settle all outstanding payments owed within 10 working days of the termination notice.


You must make a complete and accurate disclosure to us of all facts relating to any issues that is the subject of our services.


We do not accept any liabilities arising directly or indirectly as a result of incomplete or inaccurate disclosure of information to us.


We are not solicitors or insolventcy practitioners and do not hold ourselves as such.


We are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for the purposes of acting as a broker for insurance sales (non-investment insurance contracts) and therefore we refer you to a trusted third party which has the necessary authorisation, should you require an insurance quote.


Use by any unauthorised person of any of the content of this website is strictly prohibited. Any unauthorised use will constitute an infringement of copyright and authorised use can only be granted by a director of AM Accountex ltd in writing.


Your data is held in our offices in computer-based and paper-based filing systems.


By submitting your details on the website form you are agreeing for us and our authorised third parties and associated companies (for example a subsidiary of AM Accountex holding ltd) to contact you by telephone, text message or e-mail. Our Data Protection Registration number with the Information Commissioner is ……


We take the security of the use of your personal data very seriously and if you want us to delete your details from our database at any time or do not want us to use your details for any specific reason, please write to us at our registered office address (given above.)


Under the Data Protection Act you have a right, upon payment of a fee, currently £10, to obtain a copy of the personal information that we hold about you. If you believe that any information held is incorrect or incomplete, you should contact us at our registered office address (given above.) Any information that is found to be incorrect or incomplete will be amended promptly.


We may process your information in countries that are outside the European Economic Area. We have taken appropriate steps to ensure the same level of protection for your personal information in other countries as in the European Economic Area. We may introduce you to Institutions who process your information in countries that are outside the European Economic Area, which do not offer the same level of protection for your personal data. While the data protection laws in these countries are not equivalent to the EEA, we have received assurances from those Institutions that they have taken appropriate steps to ensure adequate protection for your personal information and created equivalent rights as if your data was processed in the European Economic Area.


We do not endorse or take any responsibility for links on our website which take you to third party websites, and you view the content and access these third party websites at your own risk.


These terms and conditions are reviewed periodically and can be changed from time-to-time at our discretion.


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